Alia has been learning many life skills since the lock down was announced. She has taken part in several activities including making hand sanitizers, slime, salt dough, baking, cooking. She has been on many walks along the beach and in different parks. We also bought a paddling pool during the lovely weather we have had and Alia had absolutely loved playing in the water!
She tried to fast during Ramdan. She would fast from sweets .. or from food for an hour.. she did a great job. She received a lovely present at Eid. The tandem pram she wanted for her dolls.
Alia is enjoying BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons and Oxford’s Reading Owls. We are trying to get her into TTRS.. she now seems to be interested as she found out there is a competition going on! We have some  books from National Geographic’s ‘Little Kids Big Book of..’ series and she absolutely loves reading those.
On Saturdays she does her Arabic homework through an online platform. Her Arabic teacher has been very impressed so far.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays she has her Islamic education online classes and she is performing really well.
Alia and I are over the moon with her school report. She read it to us and the smile never left her face!
After reading what is required from her ‘next’.. we decided to work on her handwriting as recommended. She practiced a little bit this morning .. then came to me and said: “mammy, can I write long sentences?”. I told her that she could but the exercises are arranged in a way to help her build up to a full sentence .. she went away for a few minutes and came back .. “mammy, this is boring.. can I write a story? Please?”. Attached is Alia’s own writing.. no help at all from anyone. This is the original paper.. there were a few spelling and punctuation mistakes.. which we worked on together. Little did I know she was trying to prove that her writing has already improved!
I would also like to let you know that there was a national children khutbah competition organised by Newcastle Central Mosque. Khutbah is a speech about any topic in Islam. Alia won third place. She received a certificate and many other gifts.