The Ozzie Observer Friday 22nd May 2020
Latest contests see the bar raised again
It was a wonderful week for the even year groups as Y2, Y4 and Y6 recorded narrow victories in the final TTR battles before the mid-season break. Interestingly, though, it was the odd year groups who actually had the most children taking part, with a record 99 children across school making it onto the overall leaderboards this week! Battles between Y1 and Y2 and Y4 and Y5 went right to the wire and were decided in the final minutes in a pair of epic battles. After his words of determination last week, Mr Usher was delighted with the response from his class, singling out specific praise for Mia-Louise and Charlie after their monumental efforts to defeat Y4. But it was Mr Hayton’s class who were victorious again in the highest-scoring battle of the past five weeks, with Charley leading the way with the highest individual weekly score ever recorded by a St Oswald’s child! Y2 turned the tables on Y1, with Joshua leading the charge quite brilliantly. There was a technical issue with Y3 & Y6 as they had double leaderboards, meaning a special mention needs to go out to Joseph in Y3, who only just missed out on a place in the top three when scores from both leaderboards were added together.
Top performers this week (in order from 1st – 3rd)
Y1: Daniel, Lucy, Sebastian
Y2: Joshua, Paige, Charlotte
Y3: Rowan, Daniel L, Daniel M
Y4: Charley, Kate, Erin O
Y5: Mia-Louise, Charlie, Alfie
Y6: Alex, James, Isla
Well done everyone!
We are monitoring the timings of when some children are on TT RockStars and for how long as we don’t want this at any point to have a negative impact upon any child’s well-being.
The battles will return on Monday 1st June!