Hi All,
Here is an update on the flood situation. Good news and bad!
The dehumidifiers are now all in place across school to get rid of all of the moisture out of the air. Carpets and flooring is currently being ripped up across school.
The dehumidifiers now need to do their job over the next week and eliminate all of the moisture. Once this is done carpets and flooring can be replaced in the corridors and toilets and therefore at this point we are on track to still open on Monday 7th of September as planned.
The only area which won’t be ready in time is the school hall. This therefore is going to have an impact on Ozzie Owls for the first two weeks of our return to school. It is with regret we will not be able to offer Ozzie Owls provision for these first two weeks. I totally appreciate what a nightmare this must be for some of our working parents but hopefully some of our other parents may be able to offer some help and support to our families who rely on this provision.
The leak started with a small issue from the kitchen staff toilet and led to a burst pipe however school was shut for ten days so the leak just continued to get worse and worse leading to the flood.
I would like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to all of you for your offers of support. Myself and Miss Pape have been absolutely blown away and it just shows what an amazing family we belong to.
Any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact Miss Pape or myself.
Kind Regards
Helen Smith